Morning express

Morning express

Today we observe an amazing Tibetan Mastiffs life through a TV camera! The Tarabarins family
has been breeding these creatures for three years already and there are many of them
in their kennel, to be more precisely, 19 muzzles! Six adults, four of them are champions,
and thirteen puppies.

Aleksey Tarabarin: 12 puppies were born in Harbin. This is a unique case!
In our practice we`ve faced probably with an over-unique case - 13 puppies! We had a hard time!

Tibetan mastiff, according to Aristotle, is the result of the interbreeding dogs
with lions. Good as a companion, a watch and guardian dog. Behaviour and temperament:
independent, protective and obedient in training. Mastiff is faithful to its family and
its territory.

Aleksey Tarabarin: this breed is cool and adequate.

Dogs are really nice, they`ve treated our reporters very kind. They haven`t even barked at us!
Some of puppies were eager to give us a `kiss`. Of course Mastiffs are harmless
until the aggression is shown towards their owners. Real defenders!

Aleksey Tarabarin: to brush their coat... this warm sweater is made of their wool...
these puppies are 10 months. I brought them from Tibet, when they were 5 months.

Aleksey was charged $25,000 for each Tibetan puppy. It was worth doing that!
Breeders call it to improve descendants blood.

Aleksey Tarabarin: "One can`t help falling in love with this breed.
I don`t imagine my life without them".

Besides giant dogs, the Tarabarins has got giant cats, so called "domestic bobcats"
the Maine Coons.

Note: The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.
Its name derives from two words "maine" - the state of Maine in the northeast of the USA,
where it is the official State Cat; and "coon"- the derivative of the word "raccoon".
Temperament: this breed is known to be incredibly smart, terribly playful and very easy going.
Elena and Aleksey breed dogs together, but cats breeding entirely belongs to Elena.
Currently they have nine cats, two males and seven females. Three of them are champions.
This is Radzha - 8 kg, I was able to feel this weight deeply by myself.

Elena Tarabarina: Radzha has its own story. I brought him from St.Petersburg. Its length from
its nose till the end of the tail is 1m 20cm. Radzha is the first in
the rating among Maine Coons in Russia.

A special cupboard was made for cat`s awards.