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Bonya – a full name is Bonny od Cremilka - a girl of Czech connections (descendants),
Russian champion, Junior Russian Champion, RKF Champion (Russian Cynological Federation)
– everything as it should be…

Gosha – a full name is Leta Victoriya Gavel, a complete Champion, a descendant of Moscow
circles with American connections. The list of numerous awards of this couple was enlarged
two months ago. These dogs became parents – heroes.

Here is the fact of their heroism – thirteen puppies! This litter is not a usual record,
it breaks all records! All these thirteen muzzles were born sound and healthy. Moreover,
they are all alive, and they’ve put 8 kg on weight for two months!

A breeder of Tibetan Mastiff’s Kennel “Smart Beast”.

Aleksey Tarabarin:
- We had rather heavy time in feeding them up. They were fed every two hours.
A mother dog doesn’t have enough teats for every puppy. All milk was bought up in the pet shop!
Anyway, I’m glad we’ve managed to fed them up! All thirteen puppies are alive and healthy!
All are very pretty!

It is a well-known fact that an early Tibetan dog is the ancestor to all Molossuses breeds.
The history is hidden in the mists of legend. At that time, even Aristotle was trying
to make his suggestions of its descent. In spite of all these facts, the representatives
of this breed are still seen very rare in Russia. According to the data of “Ingrus Tibet net”
only 85 Tibetan Mastiff breeders are registered in Europe and Russia in general, who,
in their turn, breed 1194 lovely muzzles.

Aleksey Tarabarin:
- This girl is Geysha. This is Gvidon and this is Henry. I love them all.

Our work team also liked them all. All puppies are splendid! Nothing was in vain!
The Tarabarins family hasn’t been sleeping well for two months already. At first,
they were busy with giving milk every three or four hours to the puppies, and now
they are busy with changing bowls. Meanwhile, the Tibetan Mastiff world community is watching closely the destiny of every newly-born puppy. You know, every detail is
important when it concerns the pedigree (descent).

Aleksey Tarabarin:
- Firstly, not to loose the standard of the breed.
We need to make the breed better, to enlarge it, to mix bloods, to escape any divergency,
to support their adequacy. These dogs are very nice! Good nannies, excellent guardians and
wonderful companions!

 If puppies are cold, they can go inside the house. There you may meet a new couple.
Aleksey brought two “aborigines” from China with the purpose to improve the descendants’

Aleksey Tarabarin:
These puppies are 10 months now. I brought them from Tibet at the age of five months.
We’ve traveled a little by plane and train together. We’ve been to Vladivostok, Irkutsk
and other cities.

The breeder was going to study even Chinese. But later Tanke and Nori names’
were changed into Tarzan and Nora. It looks these dogs have adapted to Russian intonation.

Aleksey Tarabarin:
- Girls are more affectionate. They treat both the owner and the members of the family
equally well. As for boys, I don’t mean they are more aggressive, I would say they behave
like REAL boys, they are not so gentle as girls.

In spite of their massiveness and rather serious appearance, Tibetan Mastiffs are really
very reliable and tender friends. They rush to the attack when they notice somebody threatens
their owner. Tibetan Mastiffs are called “four-eyed never sleeping dogs”, because of their eyebrows.
According to the legends, this white spot on the breast is the symbol of a brave heart.
It is generally not an appropriate dog for apartment living, but they could easily become
the best friend of any activists and their children.

Our gratitude for shooting to the “Smart Beast” Kennel