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About us

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Welcome to the website of the “Smart Beast” kennel:

“Morning express” Program

Today we observe an amazing Tibetan Mastiffs’ life through a TV camera! The Tarabarins family
has been breeding these creatures for three years already and there are many of them
in their kennel, to be more precisely, 19 muzzles! Six adults, four of them are champions,
and thirteen puppies.

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“Adventure studio” Program 23.01.2010 

Bonya – a full name is Bonny od Cremilka - a girl of Czech connections (descendants),
Russian champion, Junior Russian Champion, RKF Champion (Russian Cynological Federation)
– everything as it should be…

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Our kennel is dedicated to the Tibetan Mastiff breeding.
On the pages of this website, you can read about breed facts and have a look at our pets. 

Our address: Sverdlovsk Region, Verhnyaya Pyshma city, Baltym village, 2 Molodezhnaya Street, 28.

Tibetan Mastiff info:
tel: 8-(34368)-40995, 8-902-87-00-336 Aleksey e-mail: alexboss65@mail.ru
Skype : mastif686

Maine Coon info:
tel: 8-902-87-40-246, 8-922 22 30 228, Elena.
e-mail: meinku64@mail.ru
Skype : australia7773